V0.06: First post-gamejam build + gamejam results!

The Movie Game Jam results are here and we're happy to see Vandancer ranked top 24 in both audio and visuals, and top 29 in movie interpretation or top 40 overall! Not bad for being our first gamejam and having made it with only 1 dev and a 1 musician / composer, and basically an experiment for a new animation pseudo-rotoscoping technique (painting over original animation to use it as base, but heavily modified on top to achieve animation loops and so on). Thanks everyone for the votes and the feedback!

To celebrate it we just uploaded the first post-jam version. It features a fix for the music and inputs synchronization plus a new animated background, that still isn't complete. It's still inspired by the movie, but starts to have some additional details to integrate it as a bonus stage in Rawal Rumble, our upcoming cyberpunk beat'em up set in a not-so-futuristic Neo-Barcelona.

In the coming days we'll continue uploading new Vandancer updates with tweaked music, completed background, extra animations, bad dudes attacking you, extra difficulty and more.

Please follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get updates from us. In the following days we'll attend Valencia Indie Summmit:


Play the Rawal Rumble prototype demo here: https://yurinka.itch.io/rawal-rumble


(Newest post Gamejam version) - Vandancer-v006.exe 23 MB
Feb 27, 2018
(Old gamejam submission version) Vandancer-v005.exe 17 MB
Feb 13, 2018

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