v0.07 - Added ambient sound effects

Hi all!

This version adds many different ambient sounds: people talking, playing pool, sounds of dishes and drinks...  it's still a Thai Bar with many though guys like in the movie, but since it's going to be included in Rawal Rumble and is a parody we also wanted to give it a more cheerful tone, with people laughing and so on.

With this, the game now feels more inmersive and beliveable. Helps players to imagine better how this location is. Kudos to Gabri, our composer and sound designer, and his girlfriend Masha for her voice acting  of the female voices. They did a great job with this ambient sounds.

Please send us feedback about the default volume. Is it too high? Too low? It's ok? And also if you feel that the volume difference between the music versus the ambient sounds: if they are ok, if you would increase or decrease the volume of one of them, etc.

Thanks in advance!


(Newest version, post-gamejam) Vandancer-v007.exe 29 MB
Feb 28, 2018

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