V0.11 - More cameos!

I just added a first version of the barman, and another background character more. They are cameos from other games: one is Adon, the other popular Thai Street Fighter,  and the barman is Donovan from The Red Strings Club, a recent and popular cyberpunk pixel art indie game by Deconstructeam and Devolver that features pottery, bartending and impersonating people on the phone!

Donovan seems to be a be out of place, like thinking "what a shitty first job as bartender, this Neo-Barcelona Thai bar sucks! Let's hope I can get something better soon". 

V0.11 also includes a complete version of the left side of the walls, table with beers, a bench, some bottles for the barman: one is the cheap, bad, Spanish vodka that inspired my nickname: Yurinka. Another is a mixture of Grog from Monkey Island and Ron Pujol, a local rum with the name of corrupt politician. And the other ones are from The Red Strings Club.

I forgot to mention it in other devlogs: the beers are supposed to be Estrella Damm (red) and Moritz (yellow, the two most popular local beers from Barcelona, the ones we (the Anarkade team) drink when we go out.

We also added a few tweaks here and there, that we'll continue right now, in addition to animate both the barman and the guys in the bottom right corner, who will receive some beers.  I'll fix the perspective and shadows a bit in the left side of the screen. With that the background will be complete, and I'll continue tweaking the dancing characters, adding extra animations for them and the bad dudes who will attack you. After that we'll tweak the gameplay and dificulty.


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Mar 28, 2018

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