Final #MovieGameJam build - but not the last one

Well, this is the final build for the #MovieGameJam. It adds a results screen and some tweaks. I couldn't add some things I originally planed like a proper background image, additional animations and a fight against a bad dude when you fail too frequently, but at least I achieved my main goal: To build a my first gamejam game alone, on time, with the only help of Gabriel's music.

 I'll update it after the gamejam to add more animations, a way better background image and fights with bad dudes every time you fail a certain amount of moves. 

After some improvements, tweaks and changes include Vandancer as a bonus stage in our upcoming cyberpunk beat'em up Rawal Rumble that we have under development.

Follow us on Twitter to get future updates of Vandancer': Champion Edition and Rawal Rumble:

Anarkade (Vandancer and Rawal Rumble dev team):

Alex Roca (Vandancer and Rawal Rumble designer, coder and artist):

Gabriel Garrido (Vandancer and Rawal Rumble composer & sound designer):


(Old gamejam submission version) Vandancer-v005.exe 17 MB
Feb 13, 2018

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