v0.12: 1st cutscene + completed background!

After addiing a few extra beers and making some tweaks here and there in this version, I think all the background elements are now complete. In the future I might make some additional minor tweaks related to making its artstyle more similar to the other parts of Rawal Rumble, the beat 'em up where Vandancer will be included as bonus stage.

This version also includes a quick "cutscene" that is an homage to the original movie scene, and at the same time it's a small trick to increase a bit the difficulty. It's designed to distract the player, and also to hide temporally the white box of the HUD that indicates if you are pressing the button when needed.

The next update will include a second cutscene, will tweak the this first one with minor animations and will reduce the size of the white box HUD making more difficult to get a "Cool!".


(Newest version) Vandancer-v012.exe 30 MB
Apr 09, 2018

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