v0.08 - Lighting tests and foreground character

I added a character in the foreground, inspired by my friend Luis, who lives in Thailand and wears a Kazuma_Kiryu (from the "Yakuza" games) outfit, and 5 lighting tests: 

-One is only applied to Luis: simulates he's closer to the camera, far from the main light but still affected by the pink "Vaina Loca" neon and the yellow focus light. This one will be applied to another character that will be sitting next to him, in addition to the tables that there are in front of them, and also maybe the side of the music machine and the wall corner next to them. This one looks pretty cool.

-A yellow focus light to highlight the main characters and give them more attention, like giving a clue to the player that these guys are the important ones in the game. In the future this light will reflect in some other objects and characters other than in Luis. It's very likely I'll improve the light itseft too.

-A blueish light to improve the sense of depth and volume to show that the guys that are at the end of the bar are pushed away from the main lights. Seems ok but needs improvement.

-Now you can see the street outside the windows, where there are blinking neons that slightly enter in the bar. They need to affect a bit more the characters sitting next to the windows. At least to the point to change their hair color, that right now it's too black.

-The pink "Vaina loca" neon reflects a pink light on the music machine and the wall. It's cool to see it animated but the result isn't good. I'll do something similar to the Luis pink reflection, but animated and that will affect both Luis, the upcoming character, a bigger part of the wall, the music machine and the table.


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Mar 13, 2018

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I'm not an experienced pixel artist and almost didn't paint complex scenes before, so all this lighting stuff it's pretty difficult for me. I need to practice more :S