A downloadable rawalrumble for Windows

This early demo features 3 stages (the 2nd and 3rd still don't have final boss and "Romerales" miss an animation), single player or up to 2P multiplayer and an unlockable WIP Survival game mode. The final game will feature 2 additional female playable characters, 10+ stages, and additional game modes. Block & Parry features still aren't implemented.


Insert Coin Key: "5", after inserting coin press start with a player to use it

Keys 1P: Arrow keys (movement + "Z" (Punch), "X" (Kick), "C" (Jump), "V" (Block/Parry, still not implemented) + "1" (Start)

Keys 2P:  OPQA (movement) +Left "CRTL" (Punch) + Left "Alt" (Kick) + Space (Jjump) + Left "Mays" (Block/Parry, still not implemented) + "2" (Start)

Keys 3P:  Numpad 4568 (movement) +Numpad 0 (Punch) + Numpad 1 (Kick) + Numpad 2 (Jjump) +Numpad 3 (Block/Parry, still not implemented) + "3" (Start)

Keys 4P: SEDF (movement) +"T" (Punch) + "Y" (Kick) + "U" (Jump) + "I" (Block/Parry, still not implemented) + "4" (Start)

Volume (in num, keypad) : "+" (Volume up), "." (Volume down) 

F7 (Debug, proto version only): Enables or disables CRT / scanlines effect (if GPU accepts shaders, DirectX cards recommended)

F2 (Debug, proto version only): Shows FPS and memory usage.

F3 (Debug, proto version only): Loads the next stage.

F4 (Debug, proto version only): Kills all enemies on screen (use it if an enemy got stuck outside screen, you can't kill him and can't continue).


Switch Pro Controller (through Bluetooth only), PS4's DS4, Ouya Controller and Xbox pads are oficially supported.


Select/Share/U/-/Back/View: Insert coin, get a credit 

Start/Options/Ouya Menu(pressed)/+/Start/Menu : Start, use coin credit 

Triangle /Y/Y/Y: Kick

Circle/A/A/B: Block/Parry

Cross/O/B/A: Jump

Square/U/Y/X: Punch 

Left trigger: Back Attack

Right trigger: Super Attack


PS3's HRAP3 (Hori Real Arcade Pro 3), PS3 Madcatz Fighting Stick Tournament Edition, Madcatz FightStick Alpha (PS3/PS4), Xin-Mo D are oficially supported:

Square(top left): Punch 

Triangle(top center): Kick

Cross(bottom left): Jump

Circle(bottom center): Crouch/get item/release item

R1 (top right: Super Attack

R2 (bottom right): Back Attack

Due to Game Maker's limitation, only X-Inpunt pads (Xbox controllers) support vibration.


Super attack (requires 40 % health): Press Punch+Kick at the same time

Reverse Attack: Press Kick+Block buttons at the same time

Grab: Press forward+Punch when very close to an enemy (you can't grab purple enemies or riot police) when not performing a combo. Then Punch to Lift, or Kick to Knee. (still doesn't work against players, pink enemies, final bosses). As of now you can't grab Palo, Flama and Python.

Floor Attack: Press CROUCH button when over an enemy lying in the floor

Dash roll: Tap and keep pressed in any direction


You can break some stage background  objects like garbage bins, vending machines or fire extinguishers.

Install instructions

 if you're going to play on PC please make sure you install the Windows PC version (for 16:9 1080p displays). The Arcade version is for x86 + Windows and 4:3 displays, designed for 1024x768 (TFT) or 320x240 (CRT) resolution. In the future it will be dynamic and we'll support other displays like the 19:10 ones. 

1) Make sure at least DirectX 9.0c is installed (no Mac version available right now) : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?displaylang=en&id=35

2) If you want to test the arcade version in your PC please use right mouse button on desktop and select Nvidia Control Panel / Panel de control de Nvida to switch your display resolution to 1024x768 (TFT displays), or 320x240 (CRT displays) if available.

2) After launching the game, press "5" key (or Select/Share/Back/-/View in your joystick) to insert coin. Press Start/Menu/+/Options in your joystick or "1" (player 1), "2" (player 2), "3" (player 3), "4" (player 4) in the keyboard to use credits and start playing.

3) If you have a controller that isn't one of the officially supported (see the pads and arcade sticks lists above), please let us know in the comments if it works properly and if not help us to support it by telling us its exact name that appears in the intro (please make sure you write it exactly, case sensitive and with spaces. A screenshot would be appreciated) when connected and the button number the game recognizes for each button.

4) The Android version is just a test build for performance purposes, expect visual glitches specially if not using a 1920x1080 display. As of now this version requires to use a game pad (google how to connect your console game pad to a Android device). 

5) After playing the game PLEASE SEND US YOUR FEEDBACK!


RawalRumble-PC- 141 MB
RawalRumble-Arcade- 141 MB

Development log


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Any updates?

In a few days.


Thanks, bro! Nice to see you enjoyed it! We take note about the intro texts and the "insert coin" button (this version is supposed to be for arcades, so we still don't have proper PC menus with buttom prompts and so on. 

Suggestion: experiment pressing two buttons at the same time to perform special attacks (the main one spends ~30% of health).

For curiosity: What means CRT and TFT? And where are you from?

Hi! We're from Barcelona, Spain. CRT and TFT are display times, because these versions are supposed to be included in Windows PC based arcade machines with a 4:3 display ratio screen. TFT are the modern flat ones, and CRT are the old huge bulky ones (cathodic rays instead of liquid displays).

The game demo itself is just the same. By pressing the F7 key you enable or disable a CRT effect, that we implemented to simulate the look of classic old CRT displays on a modern TFT. The difference between both versions is that the one for CRT displays has this effect disabled by default, when the other one has it activated by default.

I splitted it into two versions because here we wanted to allow the #Arcadecon2019 (an event for arcade related associations, arcade collectors, arcade game devs and related press) people to test it in a CRT display because we don't have any CRT available here right now, but we plan to release an arcade version with CRT display too.

I understand. Thanks.
I asked where you from because i'm Brazilian and see you speaking portuguese. Just for curiosity =)

Para cuando una versión final? Precio? plataformas? sólo PC? Switch tal vez? GOG y Steam? Saludos.

Lo sacaremos en consola, PC y recreativas, aunque la fecha, precio y plataformas específicas aún están por anunciar porque dependen de ciertos acuerdos que aún no tenemos cerrados y pueden cambiar. No podemos confirmar nada pero la idea es sacarlo para las plataformas que mencionas y otras.

Gracias, de versiones físicas lo más probable es que me incline por Switch, ya que es la que más me está tirando de cara a coleccionar juegos indies (y los de PC que salen físicos, algunos, lo malo es que suelen ser de Steam, y le tengo ya cierta tirria a la plataforma, aunque tengo ahí unos 1800 juegos, no podrían incluir una key de GOG los juegos indie en lugar de una de Steam???)... para PC, seguramente me incline por GOG, con Itch.io me manejo menos, bastante menos, en GOG ya tengo un catalogo extenso de mis juegos DRM-Free :) .

Lo espero, porque me llama la atención y echo de menos los Beat em up de antaño ( mientras tanto voy apañando con el Fight'n Rage y alguno más ;) )

Gracias por contestar.

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Alright guys here is the thing I reuploaded it to Brawlers Avenue. So stay tuned Nov 29th 9:00 am. 

Thanks! Can't wait, big Brawlers Avenue  fan here! P.S. Moon Robot, your video link doesn't work. Is it going to be activated Nov. 29?

Deleted 1 year ago

its now up and as I said to Din( creator of the youtube channel) your game is getting better and better.

Thank you! :)

Fantastic! Thanks 

any chance this will get released on the linux platform? would definitely buy it on linux

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Yes, we aim to release it on Linux too.

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Gameplay Brazil

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Muito obrigado!

This is crazy fun, especially with a second player. Had no idea there was a friendly fire mechanic and it really added a lot to the goofiness. We missed a lot of the story but that didn't stop us from having a grand ol' time! Looking forward to later builds!

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Really cool video! Thanks, it's super fun!

Had fun with the demo. Can't wait to see more. Keep up the good work. And really nice job with the CRT filter. I usually don't like that but with RR it works. :) 


Thanks for the video!