First version (still not playable)

It's the first build we compiled. Still not playable, it only features:

  • 2 animated (not final) character sprites 
  • First version of a music track composed for the game, still needs to be edited and so on 
  • A quick placeholder background image, the final one should be way better
  • Base image for the HUD
  • Use + and - numpad keys to control window zoom while not in full screen
  • Use / and * numpad keys to control volume

For the animations I mixed traditional hand draw pixel art animation with an experiment of something like a cheap-ass rotoscoping technique, similar to the one from the original Prince of Persia game. 

I'm not an experienced animator, so this cheap-ass rotoscoping has been really helpful because to animate people is very difficult, and if they are dancing even more. I saw the first animated gif of the main character is getting many likes and RTs, so I think people likes the game idea and the animation results.

Looking forward to share more news soon.


Vandancer-v001.exe 17 MB
Feb 06, 2018

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