Laie Char Editor - Changelog - 19/06/2017 update

Helmets, belts, roses and beer! In this update I added almost all the items I wanted to include in the editor,  and iterated color, UI, random generation, shield and more according to the feedback received. 

Thanks Elias, Jandu, Paolo, Panos, Samuel and the others for your feedback and suggestions! Special kudos to Tania for the optimization tips.

19/06/2017 update: Changes and additions

  • Added new items: helmets, metal body accesories, belts, chain mails, falcata sword, rose, beer jar and more (check the image for some of the real life references I've been using for them)
  • Added an Android APK downloadable version
  • Random look generator now is way faster and skips bad combinations like long hair with helmets or certain color combinations
  • Improved, simpler UI: Click in the layers to change their value or navigate with arrow keys and use RETURN/ENTER to change.
  • Tweaked Iberian hat, moustages, floaters, shields and more
  • Revamped the color palette and replaced the black outlines with darkish colors
  • Added more representative in-game background to provide color and constrast context
  • Homogenized golden color in helmets, bracelets, earring, shields
  • Additional fixes, tweaks and optimizations

Backlog ideas for upcoming updates

  • Pad/joystick support
  • New iberian hairstyles: Bumpy,/curly, almost bald,  afro and Guile-lie/Vanilla Ice-like one from Ibiza!
  •  To add "caetras": small, round Iberian shields
  • Background mockup with plants, runes, buildings, trees, sand or rocks
  • To tweak existing shields
  • Female characters and animations are planned, but we'll need to wait a bit more

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Jun 19, 2017
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Jun 19, 2017

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