Laie Char Editor - Changelog - 30/05/2017 update

I just updated the editor with some useful stuff to test things faster, a new haircut and many small tweaks and additions. Hope you like the new version. 

Can't wait to receive more feedback and suggestions from you! :)

30/05/2017 update: Changes and additions

  • Added new hairstyle -with the typical color variations- inspired by some Iberian art shown in mages posted above
  • Added a new "Random" button to choose an arbitrary look for the character (warning: it's slow!)
  • Added a new "Flip" button to flip horizontally the character, useful to detect art issues
  • Added a 2X zoomed version of the character. Now we have 1X (in-game), 2X and 4X zoom
  • Tweaked the art of long shields, bracelets, earrings and more
  • Several minor fixes, tweaks and additions

Backlog ideas for the next update

  • Pad/joystick support
  • New iberian hairstyles: Bumpy,/curly, almost bald,  afro and Guile-lie/Vanilla Ice-like one from Ibiza!
  • New hand items: "Falcata" spanish sword, a crystal beer jar from a Greek colony in Catalonia,  bouquet of roses
  • To tweak the Iberian hat 
  • To include the first helmets
  • To include the first "caetra" small Iberian shields
  • Change the arrow buttons to make more clear that they are both arrow and buttons (thanks Jandu for the feedback)
  • To include arrow butons in all menu options to optimize mouse only controls (you won't need to select the name of the layer before you click an arrow).
  • To implement mouseover effect in normal menu buttons
  • Female characters and animations are planned, but we'll need to wait a bit more

Thanks for everything,


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